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I keep the downloads if you still need them. NO SUPPORT ANYMORE

Remember I had all expansions packs, then maybe the poseboxes don’t work properly without them even if nobody reported any problem with them.

There are in hobbies/misc. You will find related accessories ingame with a mirror in « glasses », same in bodyshop.

Before I stop everything, I fixed the preview images for your convenience.


Thanks for all and have fun !

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Il était une fois (posebox) + news

Non, je ne suis pas morte, je suis partie vers d’autres horizons.

Voilà un peu 4 mois que j’ai abandonné la communauté Sims,  faute de temps et de motivation. Ce n’est pas un adieu définitif,  mon jeu chéri est toujours installé mais pour le moment, je ne joue plus.

Cependant, en début d’année, j’ai crée une boîte à poses spécialement pour un concours sur le forum Il Etait Une Fois, maintenant je peux vous la donner. Je ne sais absolument pas si elle peut être utile à quelqu’un,  je ne sais absolument pas où en sont les créations pour Sims 2, mais bon…

Voilà les images des poses, un groupe pour les poses d’écriture, et des poses de grossesse.

All poses are included in the box. I made this one a few month ago as a prize for a contest on the forum « Il Etait une Fois » . We made a deal, the box was only for the winners for 6 months and after that I could release it for everyone, so I give it. As always, you can use it for whatever you like with or without credits,  don’t redistribute it, don’t claim as your own. You may use my preview pictures as preview on forums or such. The picture from the posebox itself belongs to the forum Il était une fois.

Download Mediafire

Alternate link


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Vertige Posebox

I finally finished the pictures for the preview of my latest posebox.


Pose 1 doesn’t work, I don’t know why. I tried to fix it but not that much because it was not as great as the other ones, so I gave up.   I haven’t finished my pics yet but I’m pretty busy with The Shadows and other things so I decided to not wait anymore and share it.

Some poses are slightly animated and some come with variants.

Use StretchSkeleton 1.08 in order to place male stand poses, except for pose 12 : 1.1 is required. As for the other poses (floor, sit…) this cheat is not required.

Pose 7 : the female pose in on the floor ( I made this to use it alone, anywhere, like on a bed and such… use OMSPs to place it where you want.)

As always, use it for whatever you want, don’t redistribute, don’t claim as your own and report any issue.

Download Posebox

Alternate link

Click on the pic to enlarge the preview. Some bigger pictures on Koinup.

And if you need help to place them, see this post.

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Posebox #4 and accessories

Download posebox

Alternate link


Download shopping bags

Alternate link


Download cell phone

Alternate link

Here’s a part of my personnal stuff that I decided to share, so it’s pretty random. Shoppings bags are made as bodyshop accessories because I hate to play on community lots (3 colors) and the cell phone is also extracted from the game, to be used with my « call me posebox ».(only right hand) Placement is a bit weird but I was too lazy to make all these poses again with the cell phone and I was happy with this n_n.

Shopping cart not included of course, get it at TSR, by cat3cm.

Use freely for whatever you want – Don’t redistribute and don’t claim as your own.

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