Let it bleed ! Pack


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Hobbies/divers – Hobbies/misc + bodyshop

This pack include :

  • Fireplace poker
  • Golf club
  • Knife in 2 versions + bloody recolors for each one.
  • Axe
  • Posebox

All the accessories are extracted from the game and made as bodyshop accessories ; they are only for adults (both genders).

All is clearly labelled in subforders, so, you can install only what you want.

Most of the poses are « free » and allow your simmies to act as usual. I made some static poses as well.

With this pack, I don’t support violence, but Halloween is coming and as a machinima director, I thought it could be useful for some creepy works

Please, read my terms of use in the .rar file and report any issue.

Publié: 13 décembre 2010 sous Downloads.
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Commentaire de CrystalWitchery
4 mars 2011 à 1 h 56 min

amazing! love it thank you!

Commentaire de Giumagique
4 mars 2011 à 11 h 23 min

Sims were too kind… XD
It’s been a while I didn’t see you, how are you ?

Commentaire de Anonymous
1 mai 2011 à 13 h 21 min

the posebox shows up in my game but the knife , axe , fireplace poker and golf club dont show up can you help me please ?

Commentaire de Giu
2 mai 2011 à 9 h 34 min

You will find all the accessories with « glasses », so you can add them with a mirror or the Insimenator or in CAS, there’s no custom icons but when you put your mouse over, they are all clearly labelled.

Commentaire de Anonymous
2 mai 2011 à 13 h 00 min

Thank you . And brilliant work ;-)

Commentaire de jessica
13 novembre 2011 à 12 h 22 min

hey! Can u make more fainting poses? (or is that girl dead, i don’t know) because i need them to my movies! And.. Those poses… Does the guya move at all, or is it just normal pose? And is there any place where can i see those poses in somw video? Like your video?

Commentaire de Giu
21 novembre 2011 à 14 h 21 min

The poses with the props are free, they can move but the other ones are static.
Unfortunately I don’t plan to make other poses for now (or maybe for ever).
I don’t think I’ve used them or seen a video with these :/

Commentaire de carol
8 décembre 2011 à 2 h 25 min

I downloaded the package however it did not show up in my game does it need any eps or to go into the collection file instead of the downloads folder? also where should the posebox show up in the game?

Commentaire de Giu
8 décembre 2011 à 5 h 54 min

I don’t really know if the box works without EPs, I have them all but anyway, nobody reported that it doesn’t work. You should find it in the hobbies/misc catalog. (if you downloaded other poseboxes, most of creators put them in this area, then you should find mine here too)
And the accessories are in the glasses area when you change your character appearance, they don’t have a custom picture but when you put your mouse over, they are clearly labelled.
Hope it helps :)