Vertige Posebox

I finally finished the pictures for the preview of my latest posebox.


Pose 1 doesn’t work, I don’t know why. I tried to fix it but not that much because it was not as great as the other ones, so I gave up.   I haven’t finished my pics yet but I’m pretty busy with The Shadows and other things so I decided to not wait anymore and share it.

Some poses are slightly animated and some come with variants.

Use StretchSkeleton 1.08 in order to place male stand poses, except for pose 12 : 1.1 is required. As for the other poses (floor, sit…) this cheat is not required.

Pose 7 : the female pose in on the floor ( I made this to use it alone, anywhere, like on a bed and such… use OMSPs to place it where you want.)

As always, use it for whatever you want, don’t redistribute, don’t claim as your own and report any issue.

Download Posebox

Alternate link

Click on the pic to enlarge the preview. Some bigger pictures on Koinup.

And if you need help to place them, see this post.

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Posebox #4 and accessories

Download posebox

Alternate link


Download shopping bags

Alternate link


Download cell phone

Alternate link

Here’s a part of my personnal stuff that I decided to share, so it’s pretty random. Shoppings bags are made as bodyshop accessories because I hate to play on community lots (3 colors) and the cell phone is also extracted from the game, to be used with my « call me posebox ».(only right hand) Placement is a bit weird but I was too lazy to make all these poses again with the cell phone and I was happy with this n_n.

Shopping cart not included of course, get it at TSR, by cat3cm.

Use freely for whatever you want – Don’t redistribute and don’t claim as your own.

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Let it bleed ! Pack


Alternate link/download

Hobbies/divers – Hobbies/misc + bodyshop

This pack include :

  • Fireplace poker
  • Golf club
  • Knife in 2 versions + bloody recolors for each one.
  • Axe
  • Posebox

All the accessories are extracted from the game and made as bodyshop accessories ; they are only for adults (both genders).

All is clearly labelled in subforders, so, you can install only what you want.

Most of the poses are « free » and allow your simmies to act as usual. I made some static poses as well.

With this pack, I don’t support violence, but Halloween is coming and as a machinima director, I thought it could be useful for some creepy works

Please, read my terms of use in the .rar file and report any issue.

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Baby Posebox


Alternate link/download

Hobbies/divers – Hobbies/misc

Here’s a posebox I’ve started a long time ago, I finally decided to finish it ! I hope you will like it :)

Pose 8 : The pose comes in 2 versions : regular/pregnant. The pregnant version looks weird with some angles and outfits, choose carefully and it will be fine n_n (I made it for my pics before the regular version, I think it’s cute and I kept it to share ;) )

Pose 9 : I used the cute potty bike from Blacky’s Sims Zoo/recolors Carmen’s Toddlers ; get it here.

Pregnancy poses are intended for the 3rd trimester.

More pics, here

Please, read my terms of use in the .rar file and report any issue.

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